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If you paid by bank deposit, you will need to wait until the payment has cleared, once this happens, a link to the file will be sent to your email. If you have made payment and still do not have the file after 5 working days, please use the contact form to contact us and we will help you directly. Check your emails including spam folder for the download link, as well as the “Downloads” page in the “My Account” area of the Human2go website.

If you paid by credit card, please check your emails including spam folder. The email from us will contain the download link for the file. If this doesn’t work, try logging into the website at and clicking “My Account” then click “Downloads”. If your file is not shown for download please contact us using the contact page.


You must not distribute the files you purchase to anyone outside of your organization, or if you are an individual, to anyone else. Doing so is illegal and will be deemed a breach of copyright. If you share any files online, you will be contacted directly by the Intellectual Property Office of New Zealand and may face legal action. If you would like to ask permission to share a file, please contact us using the contact page on this website.

The link provided can be used 3 times, so if you accidentally delete the file you will still be able to access it.

BodyWorks is a bundle of 3 sizes with a standard set of features and with a style which emphasizes realism over statistical accuracy (limb lengths and the model height are anatomically correct)

HumanWorks models are sold individually, with a style which enables more complete compliance with more detailed data for each percentile (eg average girth of each body part).

Please see the homepage for a list of further differences. If you have questions please use the contact form on the Contact page.